App Testing

We will test your apps!

Apps and Social Media gain more and more significance and are by now an integral part of modern society. That’s why it is more and more important to launch high quality apps only. SwissQ helps you to control all risks in connection to the release of new apps.

Our service range:

  • App Testing on various platforms (iOS, Android, Win, Mac, multitude of web browsers)
  • Performance und Load Testing
  • Off-line performance and performance in various reception modes (WLAN, UMTS, GPRS)
  • Integration tests for web and social media interface
  • Automated app tests

Free App Testing

SwissQ tests a limited weekly number of apps for free. Our Mobile App Testing experts scrutinise your apps from a consumer’s point of view. You will receive a comprehensive test report and suggestions for improvement, if needed.

Make use of our free testing service. Due to our quality standards we can only accept to test three apps per week.


Digital Balancing Act

iPad App Adventures: An exciting survey on Swiss Newspaper Apps

Newspaper editors have jumped the app bandwagon. Apart from the chances severe risks need to be taken into account. This survey displays how publishers perform on the app market.

SwissQ has benchmarked a number of newspaper apps. Not only the biggest Swiss newspapers but also the neighbouring countries’ most influential news apps, Spiegel Online and Wiener Zeitung, took part. On top of that, the well renowned New York Times app was tested. It is often considered to be the sectors’ role model.

PDF only in German