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Ungleiche Sicht von Testern und Management

Netzwoche 6 vom 4. April 2014

SwissQ beleuchtet in seinem aktuellen Trends- und Benchmark-Report Schweiz das Thema Testing. Unter anderem geht daraus hervor, dass das Management die Fähigkeiten von Testmitarbeitern zu gut einschätzt und die Testabteilung dadurch unter Druck geraten kann.


Think Tank statt Einzelkämpfer

Computerworld 4 vom 14. März 2014

Kunden erwarten von einem externen Berater, dass er mit Know-how aus der Patsche hilft, egal, wo gerade das Problem liegt. IT-Dienstleister müssen also Expertenwissen zu vielen Bereichen auf Abruf bereitstellen können. Wie lässt sich das bewerkstelligen?


Swiss Testing Day 2011: “What would you do, if anything were possible?”

Adrian Zwingli and his team invited the Testing Community to the sixth edition of the Swiss Testing Day, and over 750 participants took over the Kongresshaus in Zurich. On offer were over 20 presentations and 30 exhibitors – and two keynote speakers, who introduced them to coloured hats in software testing and the motivation laws of winners.



“In the training testing is neglected”

When you compare the number of certified Software Testers in relation to GDP, Switzerland is a world leader. It would though be wrong to rest on one’s laurels as there are still shortcomings in the training and with the job description rapidly changing it means that Software Testers are faced with completely new challenges, remarked Adrian Zwingli during the interview.



“Swiss Requirements Day 2010: Business analysis, engineering und extreme hiking”

Netzwoche vom, 1. July 2010

„After Swiss Testing Day the team around SwissQ-CEO Adrian Zwingli hit the mark again with the organisation of Swiss Requirements Day: Again at Kongresshaus, with a busy exhibition area and top-class presenters. One of the highlights was the key note from extreme hiker Prof. Dr. Oswald Oelz.“



„Management needs to be convinced by the necessity of our profession“

Netzwoche, 16. June 2010

„Growing complexity in IT for businesses and the increased requirements by business for IT lead to a growing demand of business analysts and requirements engineers. But what is behind that job profile? Netzwoche was asking industry experts.“



„Swiss Requirements Day is opening its doors for the first time“

Netzwoche, 19. May 2010

„It is not a secret that projects fail because of insufficient business analysis or poor requirements engineering. The first Swiss Requirements Day taking place 23 June at Kongresshaus Zurich is aiming to show how this situation can be improved.“



„SwissQ: in five years to the market leader“, 12. April 2010

„They have established as leading Swiss provider for Software Testing and organise the biggest European conference in this industry: It’s about Adrian Zwingli and Silvio Moser from SwissQ who took a course by venture challenge through which they brought their business idea to life.“

Venturelab-Interview with Adrian Zwingli and Silvio Moser


„Many Swiss companies still consider Software-Testing as overhead“

Netzwoche, 10. March 2010

„Swiss Testing Day has increased the number of participants from 350 to more than 600 in the last years. Founder Adrian Zwingli explains in an interview with Netzwoche how that happened and why many Swiss companies do not take Software Testing very serious.“

Netzwoche-Interview with Adrian Zwingli


“There is a huge potential optimization”

Computer World, 17. March 2006

“Software has been tested for approximately forty years. But only recently, professionalization in the development has begun. Previously it was the worst programmers to test or have business people added. In the meantime, the testing but a management discipline. .. ”

Computerworld-Interview with Adrian Zwingli


“A promising future for the new foundation of SwissQ”

openPR, 22. June 2006

young businessmen in collaboration with FHS St.Gallen students

openPR Article